Marcos Alonso’s Journey to the Dance Floor

Marcos Alonso is a cool DJ and music maker who’s been rocking the dance scene for over 20 years. Starting in the UK and now in New Zealand, he’s all about mixing funky beats that make you want to move. He’s not just about playing music; he’s also got his own label called Sqeaky Wheels, where he helps new artists get their music out there.

Marcos Alonso

Back in the day, Marcos fell in love with dance music and learned how to mix tunes like a pro. He’s played at parties all over, from London to Thailand! Moving to New Zealand was a big adventure for him, and it’s where he found his groove in the music scene.

Marcos Alonso Music

Marcos makes music that’s all about having fun and feeling good. He’s into different styles like house, disco, and techno, and he loves adding a bit of spice from all over the world into his beats. Through Sqeaky Wheels, he’s giving a chance to new artists to shine and share their music with the world.

With Marcos, you can expect awesome tunes that make you want to dance and have a great time. Keep an ear out for his music because he’s always cooking up something fresh and exciting!

Marcos Alonso top Songs

  • 1. Afrika Jitu (Max Maxwell Arfa Jungle Mix)
  • 2. One Step Forward
  • 3. Afrika Jitu
  • 4. Dj Set BurnNight 4LadyS***@BurningMan2018
  • 5. Piece of the Puzzle
  • 6. In Your Shadow
  • 7. African Fondue
  • 8. Wondering Why
  • 9. I Wanna
  • 10. Time on My Side
  • 11. Follow Your Nose
  • 12. Tip Not Included
  • 13. Daphne Dreams (Marcos Alonso Remix)
  • 14. Nuthin Like This – Marcos Alonso
  • 15. Inhaling You
  • 16. Piece of the Puzzle – Kennedy Vocal Remix
  • 17. Smirking Sideways
  • 18. Nuthin like This
  • 19. Leaning In
  • 20. Ni más ni menos Entrevista a Borja Pérez
  • 21. All 29 Goals For Chelsea FC
  • 22. Piece of the Puzzle (Kennedy Vocal Remix)
  • 23. Trundling Along
  • 24. Turklish Delight
  • 25. Taco Tuesday
Marcos Alonso Songs
  • 26. Chasing Blue
  • 27. Bobby Two Shoes
  • 28. Wet Nose
  • 29. Slackin Jack
  • 30. All 25 Goals For Chelsea FC
  • 31. MY TOP 4
  • 32. Dj Set R&A NYE 2020
  • 33. Nosing Around
  • 34. Soft Fold
  • 35. Ni más ni menos (2011) Entrevista a Borja P
  • 36. RY X Howling (Marcos Alonso Bootleg Rewo

You may be able to find his tracks on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud. Alternatively, you can check out his label’s website or social media pages for information about his music releases.

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